This is one anniversary we just couldn’t let pass! Chris Johnson, Dents’ agent for the south east of England, celebrated his (first?) 50 years with Dents at the UK’s leading international fashion show, Moda, in Birmingham last weekend.

Chris first joined Dents as a trainee representative, and later became our most successful sales agent ever,  of the 43 countries we sell to.

When Chris first started with Dents, each trainee representative had to understand how the product was made – this meant actually learning to cut and sew a pair of leather gloves! Chris still has a copy of his Dents training manual from those days.

Over the years Chris has become very much a part of the Dents family.  He has given sterling service to both Dents and his customers, who we know would wish to join us, along with many others, in thanking him for his contribution to Dents and the fashion industry over half a century.

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