All leather is the same, right? Wrong! There are so many different kinds sourced from all over the world, each with their own special characteristics. As quality leather is such a big part of who we are, you may be interested to know more about the benefits of each type, and find out which leather you need to look out for in your perfect glove. Today we’ll be highlighting the top three found within the Dents collection… 


Hairsheep is the smoothest of the bunch and considered to be the most popular leather for dress gloves. Interestingly, the sheep that provides the leather grows hair (not wool), hence its name.

Hairsheep is a versatile leather; several styles of glove can be crafted from it.

North Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria

Characteristics: This type of leather is known for its great strength and natural elasticity, which helps the glove to fit properly. Hairsheep is neither thick nor bulky, but is instead a lighter material to work with. Best of all, hairsheep is buttery soft to the touch, and provides lasting comfort for the wearer.

Our favourite hairsheep gloves: Women’s Thruxton driving glove and Felicity.


Generally favoured by men, deerskin is a great material to work with- no wonder it makes its way onto our list of favourite leathers!

Origin: North America

Characteristics: Just like hairsheep, deerskin leather also has great strength and natural elasticity. What makes it different, however, is the texture: it has more of a pebbled appearance. Deerskin is also one of the heavier and hard-wearing leathers around.

Our favourite deerskin gloves: Our men’s Gloucester glove (pictured) and Winchester driving glove, whereas women will love Brechin. 


Dents is one of the few glove manufacturers in the world that still uses this very special leather, which is sourced from wild hogs. One reason for this is because only a master glove cutter with unique skills can cut it. It's also a difficult leather to sew, as out seamstresses in the factory will be quick to tell you!

Want to turn heads? Choose our peccary gloves in cork yellow!

South America

Characteristics: Rare and luxurious, peccary –  often considered to be the ‘king of leather’ – has a textured surface, and is very supple. If you own a pair of durable peccary gloves, they will definitely accompany you for years to come!

Our favourite peccary gloves: A fine example is of course our Hampton glove (pictured), but we think gents also love the Blenheim and Melton styles.

Now that you have more of an insight into the diverse world of leather, we hope this guide has helped you choose the right glove for you!

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    Great post, I need some new gloves too!

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