It’s hard to believe that a quaint little town in Wiltshire was once home to the world’s leading glove manufacturers.

Westbury, a ten minute drive from Dents HQ was believe it or not, a hub for glove making. Its presence in the town dates as far back as the 1800s, after the opening of the railway in 1848.

Our very own machinist, Lily Munday, who has 53 years of experience in the gloving industry, made a recent appearance on BBC Wiltshire to highlight the loss of the glove industry in Westbury. On Tuesday 28th May 2019, Lily shared her knowledge of the industry at the Westbury Heritage Society as part of the series of historical talks regularly organised there.

At the talk, Lily showcased a range of artefacts, from handmade gloves, specialist tools, to articulated wooden hands used for display purposes. We think it’s great that through her photographs and first-hand experiences Lily was able to share with others more than half a century of gloving.

Lily began her gloving career at Boultons in Westbury Leigh aged just 15. The specialist mechanist and hand felling skills that she gained along the way, make her a truly valuable asset to our team.

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